Call Only Campaigns

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Call Only Campaigns

Generating Successful Call Only Campaigns for Your Business

The universal mobile adoption has ushered great mobile call opportunities for businesses, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Google. Google has been ensuring advertisers are prepared to take advantage, and so have we. When you hire us for your calls only campaign ads, we will ensure you maximize on all the available call-only campaign tools online to drive sales for your business.

Calls-only campaigns make managing and tracking calls appear simple but it takes some getting used to. You cannot apply PPC strategies on call-only campaigns and expect them to be successful, which is why you need us. We have been in the industry for years, which has enabled us to gain experience on various specifically tailored SEM strategies in order to get the most out of your campaigns.

Our strategy for your calls-only campaign

  • URL usage: Calls-only campaigns do not have headlines or landing pages. Therefore, URL is very crucial. We will include keywords or CTAs at the end of your URL display in order to fortify your message.
  • Copy testing: We ensure that your 35 characters space for your campaign is precise and highly targeted.
  • Unmatched caller experience: All your business’s calls will be directed to the right sales agent or location.

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