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Display Advertising

Display advertising is a form of network advertising, which are available in different forms such as rich media and banner ads just to mention a few. Contrary to text-based ads, display advertising depends on elements such as video, flash, image and audio to convey the message being advertised. The sole purpose of digital advertising is to convey brand messages and general advertisements to your website’s visitors.

Display Ads are important for your business because they help get more calls and increase sales for your business or product. It is believed that digital networking reaches approximately 90 percent internet users globally. There are millions of websites in the market such as blogs, news pages and Google sites such as YouTube and Gmail. When you hire our services for your display Ads, we will help you reach the right customers by incorporating specialized demographics, keywords and re-marketing options to encourage your clients to take notice of your brand, consider your offers and close purchase with you.

There are multiple ways to display


With rich media or images, we will develop ads for your business that include interactive elements, layouts and animations among others, to better connect with your viewers at first glance.


Similar to other ads on Google Search, display ads also include text of about 35 characters (two lines), headline and URL. We will make sure we include the keywords in your headline for SEO purposes and also effectively communicate your business to your potential customers.


We will formulate a specific campaign for your mobile app category and track its on-going performance in present time.


We will showcase your custom ads on Gmail so that your prospects can forward, save and enlarge your add in their box.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get started!

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