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Email marketing is a highly successful digital marketing strategy of sending emails to customers and prospective. Successful email marketing transforms prospective clients into regular customers and converts a one-time buyer into a die-hard fanatic. Despite the zeal surrounding social media network, email still holds as one of the most efficient ways to foster leads and convert them into long-term customers.

Why you should prioritize emailing as a marketing strategy

  • Email converts better
  • Number one communication channel
  • Personal list

Email is and will remain to be the best way to generate sales online.

You need us because…

There are several rules that pertain to email marketing. The rules that apply to social networks ads is not the same as those apply to email ads. For example, you cannot send anyone and everyone email regarding your business if they have not willingly asked you to. The same way you cannot create an email list using business contacts you collected from a conference without asking for their permission first.

The most important thing about email marketing you need to seek permission from your prospects and customers before emailing them. People who do not personally accept to be in your email list are definitely not your potential customers. Sending such people emails would be a complete waste of valuable time, money and energy. What you need is an opt-in form and an email marketing service.

Also, once you have sent email you need to keep in touch constantly. This is what we get to do for you when you hire our email marketing services. We at La Torre Marketing will help you get a list of promising and interested prospects for your business to enhance the chances of them transforming into loyal customers. We will also regularly be in constant contact with them and build a trust relationship.

Your emails need to be short, precise and convey the message of your business in a polite manner. No long stories that will bore your readers or rude and harassing tones in your email to put off your prospects. Our team of marketers has writing expertise to help you generate the right quality content for your email ads.

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