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It’s SEM, not SEO

Most people confuse SEM for SEO. These are two different things. SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing is the action of obtaining website traffic by buying ads on search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the other hand enhancing the quality and traffic of your webpage through search engine channels.

SEM is also known as paid search ads, PPC (Pay Per Click), paid search advertising and CPC (Cost Per Click). Is it a very beneficial way for businesses and websites to grow revenues, reach new prospects and minimize on buying cost. Notable SEM tools include Google Ad words, Bing Ad words and Yahoo Ad words.

What you stand to gain with SEM

SEM is the only marketing approach that places your products and services in the sight of prospective customers that are already in need of it. At La Torre Marketing Agency, we have more than 12 years of experience in the SEM industry and we have managed countless campaign projects for several companies from various industries. Therefore patronizing your product or service is easy for us to handle.

We will make use of the precise keywords that will provide your social media pages and website high quality traffic. In addition, we will also make sure your brand is strongly engrossing.

PPC Management

We do not execute rash campaigns. Rather we take time to analyze and understand your business and target market first. Once we have a better understanding of your business we run in-depth keyword research based on an effective advertising draft. We then scrupulously track the results of the campaign and modify it where necessary in order to gain optimal ROI. Bearing in mind the ever-evolving SEM industry and the competition that may also apply the same marketing strategies, we ensure to keep up with the latest dynamics and developments of SEO industry. Optimizing your ads campaign with us is the best decision you could ever make to guarantee a strong base in the competition.

Our SEM Team

Our stand-by team of professional SEM consultants has the capacity to handle everything SEM related. We have previously carried out numerous optimization projects for renowned firm brands, both small and large, in the US industry as well as other parts of the world. Moreover, we also believe in the power of word-of-mouth and referrals, which is why we always strive to satisfy our clients in a way that will have them strongly recommend our services and refer other potential clients.

What to Expect With Our SEM Services

  1. Optimum traffic. Traffic flow starts automatically and increases constantly with the top ranking of your website on the front page of major search engines. Consequently, this will elevate the number of impressions and click rates for your website followed by spiraling lead and elevated patronage of your products and brand through our special SEO service.
  2. Strong brand awareness. A great number of search clicks of first results on the search engine is not by chance, but due to the fact that they trust the link to be the most suitable website for the search engine. As we guide your website to the pinnacle of ranking, we also ensure increased levels of integrity and exposure for your project, website or brand.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. We know how valuable your ROI is, which is why our strategically and finely executed SEM campaigns are targeted specifically to users who are looking to use the products or services you offer.

How we do it

  • Step 1: Research and analyze – We first conduct a rigorous audit of your website, the industry and your competitors in order to find out the best strategy to employ.
  • Step 2: Strategize – The expertise and insight we have gather regarding the market sector and consumers (both potential and existing) search trends in our 12 years in the industry enables us to design and develop a well-tailored organic SEM strategy.
  • Step 3: Execution – We will offer a specifically directed marketing strategy, a comprehensive website structure, successful content marketing and an active social media campaign for your website.
  • Step 4: Evaluate and modify – For efficiently evaluated results obtained from campaigns, we regularly perform cybernetic analytics and optimize it where necessary in order to obtain optimum results.

Contact us today, let us give your brand wings!

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