Google & Bing Shopping Campaigns

Google & Bing Shopping Campaign Services

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are used to promote your product by providing users with detailed information about what you are selling even before they click on your ad. Shopping ads are generated to promote local and online inventory, increase traffic to your local store or website and locate better qualified leads. Shopping ads feature description text, product images, store name, title, and price.

La Torre marketing agency will track your product’s performance over time using retail-oriented reporting tools.

Requirements for a shopping ad

  • 1. You will need to set up Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords accounts and link them together.
  • 2. Your shopping ads and shopping campaigns need to adhere to Google Shopping Policies or Adwords Advertising Policies depending on the type of website, business, promotion or product.
  • 3. Updated product data is required monthly for better ad performance and also help to provide users with the best shopping experience.

If you hire us for your shopping ad, we will take care of these requirements for you. Our team of professional SEM consultants has the capacity to generate captivating and enticing shopping ads for your business that are competitive in the market. Not only that, we will also track your ads performance and constantly improve on it to broaden your presence.

Let the experts handle your business for you!

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