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Boost Your SEO

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Are you a business newbie wondering why SEO is such a big deal?

SEO is a big deal for all businesses, regardless of whether they are startups or have been running for quite a while. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means to increase the quality and viewership of your website via search engine mediums. In today’s world where technology holds the torch in almost everything we do in our daily lives, companies globally are competing to have piece of the pie.

Digital marketing is recognized and welcomed by businesses as a vital piece and element of marketing enterprise, so much that every brand is contesting for a solid digital presence and online visibility.

How it works

For instance, at one point in time you have searched for an item on a major site like Google, then a list of content with website links magically appear with possible answers to your question. But have you ever stopped to think about the awe behind the supernatural list of website links?

The explanation behind the magic is Google or whatever search engine you are using has a crawler whose task is to go out and collect all the content information accessible online. It then brings back all that information to the search engine to generate an index. That index is then transmitted via an algorithm that tries to relate all the information with the item on your search box.

There are multiple factors that go into an algorithm of a search engine, which include keyword usage, links, user usage and traffic, brand and content features just to mention a few. There are several things to be considered in order to enhance SEO for your site, and this is where La Torre Marketing team comes in.

What can you do to boost your SEO?

With our years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, we can help you dominate your competitors and set your business on the first page of every search engine. We shall do so by:-

  • Building an SEO-friendly site. We understand all the dynamics of SEO and how it works. Whether it’s building a brand new site or improving an existing one, we will ensure that your website or social media platform attains high ranks on the first pages of popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.
  • Relevant content and affiliated markup. A site is not truly a site without content. However, SEO content has stipulated variables. We will employ keywords, hashtags, search queries and specific markup that helps search engines understand exactly what your content is about.
  • Link worthy site. Instead of “click here” links which have no search engine value, we will include anchor texts and hyperlinks, which will enhance your search engine ranking together with the ranking of the page you are linking to.
  • Alt text use. All your images and video media should include alternative test descriptions to enable search engines to find your page
  • Regular content update. SEO algorithms are ever-evolving and so does SEO strategies in reaction to those altercations. Regular update of your content indicates relevancy, something search engines are very keen on.

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