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Yahoo Ads

What is Yahoo Ads

Yahoo Gemini Ads are advertisements shown on Yahoo’s 1 Billion Monthly User platform. Similar to Google Ads, Yahoo Gemini is a platform that offers native advertising and mobile ads. They provide you with a variety of ads to choose from.

  • Search: Pay Per click ads that appear at the top of Yahoo’s Search Engine Results.
  • Display: Standard picture and text advertisements on web pages. Dynamics Ads can be displayed at the top, bottom, middle, or side of content.
  • Sponsored: Focused on engagement, Yahoo provides enticing visual ads that drive engagement. Offering different options such as native, carousel, single-image, and video.
  • Yahoo! Mail: These ads are displayed in the Yahoo! Mail platform. These ads often have higher click through rates meaning they are more likely to engage as millions of people check their emails everyday. You also have the option of showing banner ads on their email system.

Benefits of Using Yahoo Ads

Native Advertising

Native ads gain a greater audience reach as Yahoo Gemini provides a platform that appears and ensures that each advertisement is contextually relevant to each user. It is estimated that native mobile ads deliver six times higher conversions than standard advertisements, driving more conversion and increased brand awareness.

Mobile Focused & Friendly

Yahoo Gemini’s focus is on mobile search. As mobile continues to grow as one of the leading search methods of users, Yahoo seamless ad’s will entice more customers, allowing you reach more of your target audience

Cheaper CPC & Higher CTR

As Yahoo hosts over 1 billion monthly users, Gemini has a lower overall Cost Per Click than other advertising platforms. This is perfect for small to medium businesses that are on a budget and need to reach a wide audience.


Yahoo provides a comprehensive target solution that allows you to target a very specific audience. Filtering your audience by location, gender, interest, gender, and age. With the addition of creating custom audiences, you can remarket your ads, helping you reach a specific audience resulting in an increased likelihood of users converting to customers.

Services Provided

Import Google Adwords

Reach a wider range of audience by importing your Google Adwords campaigns into Yahoo Gemini. sets your whole Gemini campaign and optimizes it by performing demographic, competition & industry research to ensure the ad hits your ideal customer.

Yahoo Ads Creation

From writing benefit-packed descriptions to comprehensive research, our professional team does it all. Making sure you stay under budget, while maximizing conversion.’s professional Yahoo Ad Team creates an attractive ad that makes your audience want to learn more, increasing the chances of them taking action and converting them to customers.

Keyword Research & Selection’s keyword research is focused on your target audience by providing relevant keywords, phrases, tags, and long-term words that would attract potential warm leads. Filtering it down through demographics, competitiveness, long tails, relevance, search volume, specificity, and user location.

Yahoo Ads Optimization & Management’s team consults and analyzes your advertisements and results. Focused on optimizing the media and text to maximize your budget spend, resulting in converting more while spending less per customer.

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