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Bing Ads

What is Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a Microsoft pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, similar to Google Ad words. The only difference is the ad placement on the search engine results. Bing Ads reaches another range of customers as 23% of online search goes through Bing.

Benefits of Using Bing Ads

Less Competition. Cheaper CPC

Made for small to medium sized businesses, Bing Ads provides better ad positions and cheaper cost per clicks (CPC) due to the lack of competition. Often averaging over 33% cheaper CPC than Google Ads, these ads were shown in better positions and led to higher clickthrough rates than Google Adwords

Campaign & Ad Group Granular Control

Bing Ads provides you with more control, allowing you to assign different ad campaigns in different time zones. This makes ad scheduling strategies easier to manage and reduce your overall ad spend.

They also provide you the option to set your location, network, language, and ad rotation settings in both campaign level and ad group level allowing you to instantly making changes instead of going through the hassle of creating a new campaign to make a change

Demographic Targeting

Bing Ads provides a comprehensive demographic-based targeting on Microsoft’s search network. They allow you to control the ad spend on certain demographics such as Gender, Age, and more.

Services Provided

Bing Ads Creation’s professional Bing Ad Team sets up your ad campaign for success. From demographic researching, industry & competition, research to copywriting and bid and budget optimization, our team does it all. Providing an enticing ad that helps your audience understand what you’re offering, increasing the chances of them taking action and converting them to customers.

Keyword Research & Selection’s keyword research captures all potentially relevant words that your ideal customer may use. Filtering it down through demographics, competitiveness, long tails, relevance, search volume, specificity, and user location to ensure you only reach individuals that are interested in using your service or buying your product, result in higher conversions and sales.

Bing Ads Optimization & Management’s team provides you with every advantage to get ahead of your competitors. Focusing on Conversion Tracking and Budget Optimization to ensure that all your ad campaigns convert more while spending less per customer. Resulting in more money that can be used to focus on reaching your business goals.

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