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Call Only Ads

What is Call Only Ads

Call-Only Ads are a different type of Google Advertisements where it provides a direct call to action to drive results. Perfect for businesses that provide services that need to schedule an appointment or for emergency situations including plumbers and lawyers.

Why is Call Only Ads Important For Your Business

Call Only Ad Campaigns are optimized for mobile devices that are capable of making these calls. These ads vary as they do not always show every line of text on your description when you’re setting up your campaign. This provides your ads with greater visibility and more likely to take direct action and choose your business.

Benefits of Using Call Only Ads

Highly Targeted

With a phone number and call button, these ads are direct and straight to the point. Dedicated to highlighting areas such as features, value, and benefit, to separate your business from your competitors and target mobile customers to engage with your business

Direct Conversion

Instead of going through landing pages, opt-ins, or sales pages, Call Only Ads are direct and provide an immediate phone call, shortening the user journey. Highly dependent on your customer support team, they are more likely to convert as a client as they are a warm lead that is already interested in your service.


As over 80% of callers won’t leave a message, you’re more likely to waste money on ads, there’s where Ad scheduling or dayparting comes in. Google Call Only Ads allow you to show up on your schedule. This is perfect for companies that don’t have an around-the-clock team or an answering outsourcing service to help you out.

Services Provided

Call Only Ads Setup & Optimization

As Call Only Ads are short and simple advertisements, often businesses neglect the description on why they should choose your services.’s professional team writes attention-stealing headlines, and benefit-packed descriptions and services that provide reasons to choose your services instead of your competitors.

Call Only Ads Management & Consulting

Sometimes a value-packed description isn’t enough.’s professionals key research high-intent keywords to skyrocket your conversion rate, increasing immediate conversions. Examples would be plumbers helping flooded kitchen or personal injury attorneys targeting individuals ready to take legal action.

We continuously analyze all the data from your advertisement campaign, and optimize it to ensure your business is getting more calls.

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