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Google Shopping Campaigns

What is Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a platform that allows users to search, view, and compare specific products. Known as the Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE), it offers merchants and advertisers another platform to retail their product and increase the chances of converting sales.

Google provides a different shopping experience, adding a visual touch to a standard text-heavy searching and shopping experience. By utilizing their service, it allows your product listing to be shown up in multiple areas such as website results, text-only PPC results, and shopping results.

It has been tested to show 30% conversion rates than standard text ads and you can have the same results today.

Benefits of Using Google Shopping

Qualified Traffic

Google Shopping provides better quality leads. As you’re only paying when someone clicks on your shopping ad, you’re more likely to attract people who are buying your product due to the ad format. Google Shopping provides you the product title, price, image of product, shipping information, and promotional information, giving the user a better idea of your product in comparison to a standard text ad.

Higher Conversion Rates

Google Shopping Ads are only found through customer’s intent on specific keywords. As they are already searching for specific keywords, they’re more likely to purchase that product. As Shopping has a more customer-friendly user experience, clicking the product ad instantly sends the user to the product page. With less clicks, the higher chances of a sale. Resulting in higher cost per conversion and more revenue.

Services Provided

Keyword Research provides a comprehensive research on finding specific keywords that all your buyer personas are looking for. After, we dive deeper and perform query segmentation. Looking for phrases, sets of words, and groups of words, ensuring your Google Shopping Ads reach your ideal audience and having them convert to customers.

Product Feed Optimization analyzes all of your Google Shopping products. Ensuring your target keywords, product image, product category, product type, product description, custom labels, and miscellaneous product information are relevant and enticing, increasing the amount of clicks and sales on your product.

Google Shopping Ad Management

Not all Google Shopping Ads convert on the first go. studies the analytics and data behind how the Ad is running, optimizing and retargeting the advertisements to ensure your Google Shopping Ads convert to more sales.

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