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Display Ads

What is Display Ads

Display Ads is a method of attracting an audience of a website, digital medium, or social media platform to take a specific action. Often these are text-based, image, or video advertisements that encourage the specific user to click and take action.

Types of Display Ads

  • Text-Based, Image, and Video Ads – Standard forms of advertisements where elements are designed for users to take specific action.
  • Banner Ads: Banner advertisements are longer images in either width or height. Usually takes more page real estatement than standard text-based or image-based ads.
  • Interstitial Ads – Interstitial advertisements are specific ads that show up on web pages that the user has visited before.
  • Rich Media Ads – Rich Media advertisements involve interactive elements such as clickable elements, videos, or audio.

Benefits of Using Display Ads


Display Ads provides you a platform to reach people that you normally wouldn’t be able to reach. They provide you ads that drive more conversions and increase your brand awareness without spending thousands on standard advertisement channels such as newspapers, television advertisements, or flyers.


Display Ads only target your desired users. From demographics, interests, or race, you can target your specific product or service towards your personalized buyer’s persona


Displays Ads can be measured with analytics. Using Display Ads with Google Analytics, you can gain insight on your audience that can be used to optimize your ads. The long you run your ads, the information you receive, and the more better you understand your audience making, resulting in more conversions in sales.

Services Provided

Campaign Strategy provides a comprehensive display advertisement campaign designed to meet your business goals. Understanding your ideal target audience personas and interests, we’ll develop a roadmap to position your business for success.


No matter how much money you spend, if you don’t have the right audience that is interested in your product or service, you’ll never sell. researches your target audience’s behavior, site usage, frequency, and behaviors. Combining this information with keyword research and website placement to ensure your display ads continually drive results.

Advertisement Optimization

Once your campaign is in place and running, we continuously collect data and optimize your offer and ad to generate more leads and sales. A/B testing different versions of your ads to ensure your campaign is constantly optimized and constantly provides you a return on investment.

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