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Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to take advantage of over 2 billion active users to grow your business online.

Facebook presents you the opportunity to reach your desired target audience and sell to them directly without breaking your budget. Their Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) ranges around $10, meaning you can reach over 1,000 users by spending less than $10.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

Improve Brand Awareness

Facebook has over 1.66 billion active users that scroll through their news feeds every single day. Increasing the chance of your ad being exposed to your ideal audience. Continued ad visibility builds trust and familiarity, increasing the likelihood of retargeting and sales in the future.

Increase Customers Interaction

Facebook allows you to customize ads based on your desired call to action. Whether it’s post engagement, website click, sales, contact, or page likes, you have full control over how you want your customers to interact with your ad. Allowing you to create an advertisement that reflects your brand, resulting in a lead that is more likely to take action on your objective.

Find your ideal target audience

Facebook is known for its targeting capabilities, being able to choose based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age, languages, connections, lookalike audiences, and competitor’s fans. Allowing your business to eliminate users that don’t fit your market, resulting in an improved target audience quality and an increase of likelihood in sales.

Save Money

Proper Facebook Ad Management helps businesses effectively target their ideal audiences through optimization and advertising tools, resulting in spending less money spent per person on each ad.

Services Provided

Facebook Ad Design

Facebook offers different options to showcase your brand’s product and through different ad formats. Photos, Slideshows, Carousel, Video, or Image collection, we create them all. Finding the most effective format to meet your campaign and business goals while complying with Facebook ad quality and relevancy, ensuring your advertisements impact your audience to take action.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Facebook Images attract attention, while the writing provides the reason to take action. helps your audience understand your brand story and what your business offers. Increasing their chance of taking action resulting in increased brand awareness or conversion to sales.

A/B Testing’s marketing team continually makes adjustments to your ad campaign, ensuring it follows the latest marketing trends. Making changes to your ad strategy, bid levels, ad quality, and demographics to ensure your ads provide the most return on investment.

Analytics Reporting

Get monthly reports of your results through our reporting system. Showing you the performance, budget, and conversions of each ad campaign.

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