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Google Remarketing

What is Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads allows you to redeliver targeted ads to people who visited your website and didn’t convert to a customer. As there are certain factors that stop them from purchasing, remarketing helps you stay in front of potential customers while they make up their minds, resulting in an increased chance of sales conversion.

Types of Remarketing Ads

  • Standard Remarketing: Display ads to your past visitors as they browse websites and applications that use Google Display Network
  • Dynamic Remarketing: Dynamic Remarketing includes showing your ads to people that have looked for similar products or services, and showing them your ad.
  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Show your ads to your past visitors as they continue to perform follow-up searches on Google, after they leave your website.
  • Video Remarketing: Displays ads to users that have interacted with your YouTube channel and videos, back on Google’s Display Network and other video platforms

Benefits of Using Remarketing Ads

Stay Engaged With Your Target Audience

As 96% of visitors leave your website without converting, remarketing ads helps you follow a user and increase the chances of them re-engaging back to your website. By having a strategic campaign, your brand can be in their minds at all times, making them more likely to come to you, if they have a specific problem that you can solve.

Increased Brand Awareness

As your ads are constantly in front of your customer, they are more likely to remember your service, and more likely to visit your website again for your product or services. Retargeting ads is the best way to keep your brand on top of your customer’s mind.

Attract Your Competitor’s Customers

As only 11% of companies use remarketing strategies to target competitor’s customers, you have a higher chance of attracting potential buyers that are already interested in your niche or industry.

Services Provided

Campaign Management completely manages your retargeting campaigns on all platforms including Google Ad Network, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Custom Audiences.

Assisting you with:

  • Audience Segmentation

Understanding your target audience and activities including the pages that they visit, impressions, and buttons that they click, our Professional Retargeting Team segments your audience and shows them ads that increase the likelihood of them taking action

  • Geo-Targeting

For most local businesses, nearly half of all website searches have localized intent. By understanding who your ideal customer is, our geotargeting services create location parameters to help increase potential individuals taking action based on their proximity to certain markets.

Strategic Optimization always ensures you stay on budget. Providing you recommendations on how to allocate spend based on your previous campaign performance, target audience, and marketing objectives ensured all the money is spent on maximizing your returns.

Tracking and Reporting tracks clicks, conversion, campaign performance, and cost per acquisition, using this information to provide an in-depth easy-to-understand report to show the progress and return on investment of your campaigns.

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