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Google Tag Manager

What is Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management platform that allows businesses to deploy and track more marketing data by adding a snippet of code on their website or mobile app.

It provides more in-depth data, allowing you to track website analytics, retargeting, conversions, and more without the interference of web hosts and webmasters.

Made to harmoniously with Google Analytics, make better decisions for your business today.

Why is Google Tag Manager Important For Your Business

Tags are snippets of website code used to measure traffic and visitor’s behavior. It makes it easier to track your marketing and social changes by seeing data about your audience which can be used to help improve your site.

However, tagging is complex as larger websites need to constantly update and add new tags while executing complicated installations. If not implemented and managed properly, they can misrepresent your measurements, slow down your website, and lead to missing or wrong data.

Without a system that controls your tags, you may lose out valuable information that can give you an edge against your competitors.

Benefits of Using  Google Tag Manager

Tracking Capabilities

Tracking a specific action or page has never been easier. All you have to do is add a simple code and you can receive in-depth data that can be used to optimize your sites. From downloads, form submissions, and outbound links, Google Tag Manager provides you with additional information that you can use to optimize your website and convert more sales.

Streamline Staging & Development Phase

Google Tag Manager provides crucial data that can be used to A/B Test your website without harming your user’s overall experience. You can use these tags to have separate purposes or outcomes to test without ruining the integrity of your Google Analytics data.

Services Provided

Tag Mapping & Website Audit provides a comprehensive audit to have a clear understanding of the health of your Google Tags Manager (GTM) account. Beginning analyzing your website, we map out the tagging structure ensuring it is consistent, optimized, and collects the data correctly.

Our audit includes:

  • Audit of your current Google Tag Manager (If Applicable)
  • Optimization and Mapping of Tagging Structure
  • Recommendations For GTM Optimizations
  • Connecting Your GTM with your Google Analytics Account
  • Provide a roadmap to correctly implement your GTM on your website, personalized to provide data needed to reach your business goals

Setup & Configuration is a certified partner of the Google Tag Manager Platform and has implemented hundreds of GTM configurations from analytics tracking to advanced tagging campaigns.

Our setup & configuration includes:

  • Google Tag Manager Account Creation & Setup
  • Conversion and E-Commerce Tracking
  • Cross-Domain and Event Tracking
  • Video, Scroll, Click-To-Call Tracking
  • Tag Testing
  • Debugging any Google Tag Manager Issues

Consulting & Ongoing Maintenance provides a blueprint that ensures your tagging structure is working correctly as it collects the data needed to take your business to the next level. As your digital strategies change, we ensure you collect the data needed to change and optimize for your campaign to become a success.

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