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Google Data Studio

What is Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a platform that turns your analytics into easy-to-understand informational reports using data visualization.

As most information is confusing and overwhelming, it provides an overview of how your site or campaign performs in a way that helps you easily understand the data.

Why is Google Data Studio Important For Your Business

Business owners are bombarded with large amounts of data on a daily basis and it is becoming more complex, making it hard to make sense of it all.

Whether it’s bar graphs, line graphs, or charts, Google Data Studio can design customizable reports for each of your employees and clients today. As the reports are dynamics, when there is an update to the information, the new data is automatically shown on the reports.

Benefits of Using Google Data Studio


Data Studio allows you to pull different data sources into one place with a few clicks.

Data sets include:

  • Google Marketing Platform products, including Google Ads, Analytics, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360
  • Google consumer products, such as Sheets, YouTube, and Search Console
  • Databases, including BigQuery, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Flat files via CSV file upload and Google Cloud Storage
  • Social media platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter


Data allows you to lay out all the data in a way that is easy-to-understand and visually appealing. Including:

  • Branding by changing to your colors.
  • Drag and Drop Elements that can easily customize your data within the dashboard
  • Add and Edit Text
  • Customize data displays such as pie charts and bar graphics
  • Easily save, send, or print

Sharing & Collaborative

Collaboration with other team members, employees, and customers has never been easier. Set permissions, grant access to your team, allow them to view or contribute to the dashboard. Google Data Studio provides you with a solution for everybody to contribute to make your business better and meet your company’s goals.

Services Provided

Google Data Studio Setup understands your business requirements. Using this information, we set up your Google Data Studio to present data needed to help reach your goals. Building reports and dashboard specifications while helping to consolidate the data to make it visually easier to understand.

From database reports and dashboards to programming, can do it all. It has never been easier to get ahead of the competition by having a professional constructing a data solution that’s focused on your business success.

Google Data Studio Consulting

Having a Google Data Studio set up isn’t enough. As your business goals are constantly changing, you have to make sure your goals are changed to represent relevant data towards your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). determines what data you have to have reported on, and what source is important. Mapping all of this data in a simple visual way and helping you build your data studio reports.

We’re here to show the progress of your results, so you can focus on working towards your business goals.

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