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Nowadays, if you are not too careful you might fall prey to cheap, shady SEO consultants that employ deceitful black hat or grey hat techniques of optimizing search engine rankings. It is better to avoid such questionable sites that contravene the set guidelines by Google because Google often releases crucial SEO updates for the algorithm in its search engine. These regular algorithm updates are able to alter the SEO platform and will continue doing so by chastising websites that they consider spammy in its search results.

There are two major tools responsible for influential SEO updated namely Google Panda and Penguin. Presuming Google has issued your webmaster a warning at some point of the possible unnatural links or other practices alike that are identified as deceitful, or perhaps you have been penalized already for partaking in a link-generation act, or you learn that your website has been blacklisted from Google search engine, or your webpage visits have dropped, then it means that you have been entrapped in these penalizing algorithms updates.

Our solution

Regardless of the issue you are currently encountering, there is a solution to your problems. We at La Torre Marketing are well-conversant with the rules of Google algorithm and we understand the process of the set SEO boundaries. We have assisted several firms to bounce back from various penalties at different stages and we made sure all their rankings were restored and additionally optimized. We can do the same for you in your current predicament.

Our practices and strategies adhere with the rules and regulations of Google. You can rest assured we will get your business back on Google’s good graces and top the chart even if you have already been penalized and regardless of the degree of penalty.

Our process

We have assisted several clients with similar issues in the past. First, we analyzed the situation by studying them in-depth and then individually crafted unique systems that amended their wrongs. Once we accomplished the rectification of the system, those clients started experiencing a remarkable traffic boost to their website almost instantly. You can expect the same for you too. Our strategic techniques have been known to be effective and efficient in real time.

Therefore, if at any point you encounter any form of Google’s penalty, do not worry. We are the best option you’ve got.

Our team of professional consultants

There are two ways you can be banned; either manually for unnatural link use or automatically via Google algorithm. Manual ban is very hard to detect, let alone fixing it. Nonetheless, our team of professional consultants is at your service.

  • We will pinpoint all unnatural links
  • We will eliminate any form of bad links
  • We will file up for documents reconsideration
  • We will then ensure you are flourishing once more

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