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Snapchat & Twitter Campaigns

Among the major social networks offering advertising options is Snapchat and Twitter. It is important to note that not all social media networks are a great fit for every business marketer. When contemplating which social network to use for your business ads campaign, select the ones that perform well naturally. A network where your content organically makes an impact with your audience is a clear choice for your social ads campaigns. At La Torre, we have handled several social media campaigns, granting us the ability to detect which social network will make a huge impact for your business.

Main marketing objectives of Twitter and Snapchat Ads

  • Tweet engagement
  • Gain followers
  • Website clicks or conversations
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • App installations or re-engagement
  • Video views
  • Drive action

Before setting up your Twitter and Snapchat ads campaign, we will first determine what your business’s objectives are so that your ads line up with your business goals.

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