Digital Traffic Analysis

Digital Traffic Analysis Services

Digital Traffic Analysis

Digital analysis is the measurement of all sources of digital traffic in search of data to help identify and understand the intricacies of the increasingly exploding digital media environment. Device essentials employ UDM (Unified Digital Measurement) comScore methodology that showcases media web traffic coming from approximately one million domains marked by comScore around the globe.

At La Torre Marketing, we specialize in digital traffic analysis to help businesses improve on their marketing strategies in order to grow their businesses. We utilize comprehensive analytic techniques for our clients to be able to study trends in client behavior and pinpoint areas of their online presence, which can be altered. With the quantifiable and verifiable data results, we can determine better marketing strategies as well as new ways to generate sales and leads, increase numbers generally improve user experience. 

With our digital traffic analysis services, we will help you establish

  • Where the visitors are from
  • How much time visitors are spending on your site
  • How many visitors drop off after viewing the landing page of your site and where they go next
  • Pages most visitors are interested in
  • Number of return-backs
  • What are visitors searching for?
  • Age group your visitors belong to
  • Referrals if any
  • How many convert into prospects? And many more

Digital traffic analysis employs statistical data to weigh success and not just guesswork. Let us help you identify and maximize on what exactly will determine the success of your business.

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